Cycle Farms Ghana increases its production capacity

The company has set its first line since 2019 in Ghana. For two year, local team has developed the best best price / performance ratio feed in the market. The company has now set up a second line of production to increase the fish feed volumes in the market. Cycle Farms is as well targeting to explore new markets with this new volume.

EnamPapa Tilapia Grower 6mm – one of the best-sellers of the company for tilapia

In 2020, the company has grown strongly, replacing the volumes imported on the market which has been reduced due to covid and fret reduction worldwide. Cycle Farms Ghana has brought its local feed to the best level and bring loyalty into its clients’ portfolio. Meanwhile, the demand was only 35% completed due to a lack of availability of production. Based on this fact, the board has decided to reinvest in Ghana to increase the production. The key objectives is to multiply by 4 the production of floating pellets, for both Tilapia or Catfish.

It has been a long project, lead into an inflation context and with incertitude about supply delays. But the equipment has now been set up into the factory.By selecting historical suppliers, the company has bet on the quality shown previously and increase the volume step by step in the month to come. The first products from the second line has been sold in may 2022.

A new board for Cycle Farms Ghana (left to right) : Wisdom Abodakpi (HR and Administrative director), Marc-Antoine Luraschi (Group CEO), Anais Legendre (Managing Director Cycle Farms Ghana), Floran Laville (Group CTO) and Arthur Boussion (Operations Director Cycle Farms Ghana)

This new line will bring more quality to the products; First, new ingredients can be used to increase nutritional and economical performances of the feed. Secondly, the line has been completed with a coating machine to increase pellet resistance and nutritional quality of the feed.

You can fin all the product on the following links : Hatchery, Tilapia and Catfish.

1kg tilapia fed with EnamPapa for 6 months