About us

Cycle Farms was created in February 2016 by two agricultural engineers passionate by new technologies. Cycle Farms has met a quick development to reach an important technology readiness level. The company has focused its research effort on the Black Soldier Fly, an insect specie with the ability be easily domesticated, reared in industrial quantity and adaptable to several environments.

Cycle Farms has always had a strong link with the African continent since its creation. A lot of regions demand animal protein for both food and feed. In 2019, the company started its first integrated unit in Ghana, a country with a highly dynamic economy. The company is producing and selling to more than 160 fish farmers a complete feed with a production capacity of 15 000 T per year. the company is now selling products under the Enam Papa Brand in five countries : Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

With public and private partnerships, mainly the strong impact of its industrial partner ORVIA, Cycle Farms became a key actor of insect production. The company in France is now selling genetic to this emerging sector with the renovation of an old poultry hatchery.


Insect protein and oil have the potential to bring more diversity to animal feed value chain. Cycle Farms always works with a strong operational efficiency to ensure a quick return on investment to its clients regarding the different solutions which can be provided.

Industrial sustainability

Cycle Farms always chose to work with local solution to set up its technologies to maximize its economic impact on selected territories. Interact with the local ecosystem ensure a stronger stability over time and allow deeper partnerships based on mutual growth.


Cycle Farms development strategy is based on human values to ensure its efficiency. The commitment, the solidarity, and the sharing of know-how of the team help us to answer the global challenges encountered by our customers.

Our technical center in France

Set up in Maine-Et-Loire French department since September 2017, the technical center allows us to answer to a large quantity of questions. The technical center is set up with the essential equipment to lead trials from laboratory to industrial scales. Our team is able to answer to every question that can emerge from industrial insect production and process.

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Our factory in Ghana

Our factory is set up in the Tema industrial area in Ghana. The factory gathers the complete value chain from insect production to the process of complete feed for local fish farms.The local capacity goes up to 15 000 T for both catfish and tilpaia market. By selecting high quality raw material from local agriculture, our products is sold on the market with important characteristics that customers are looking for: high quality, stable price and competitiveness for our clients.

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