Core Values

Performance: A young company with an efficient operation

Since its creation, Cycle Farms has been focused on its activity with the objectives to reach quickly and efficiently the milestones of its development.
The founders and the team has kept one mission in mind: create a profitable and sustainable model, demonstrate and duplicate it in high potential territories.

Before validating the technology, Cycle Farms has gathered the support of experts of insect sectors, inside and outside the company with experienced partners. These competences have lead to the development of the first factory on the African continent and increase the technology performance. The team has created this factory in less than 3 years. This development is the testimony of the success of the first part of the company strategy, with the idea of doing before communicating.

The company is now targeting to build its notoriety on the high quality of its product. The team has developed a performing range of fish feed products, tested in labs and in farms. The results are very positive and let the team believes in a very fast development for insect in animal feed.

Cycle Farms wishes now to be certified ISO 9001 at the end of the year by formalizing its efficient activity. Every service is monitored by indicators and teams put clients satisfaction at the top of their priorities.

Environmental respect: A sustainable product in a local environment

Today, companies are consuming more and more natural resources and demography is still increasing. It is now necessary to start a company with the three pillars of sustainable development in mind (Environment, Social, Economy).

Cycle Farms’s core business, the production of animal feed based on insect protein, answers to a major food problematic: the worldwide protein deficit. Meanwhile, animal feed needs to reduce its impact on environment, mainly linked with soy meal production, commodities exchanges and fish meal production.

At Cycle Farms, the team believes at short circuit development at an industrial level. This will welp to reduce the carbon balance of goods and drive growth in high potential territories. The company aims to create factories on the region where the market needs the products we are promoting. Cycle Farms focuses on direct sales with local supplies for our insect ration.

Solidarity: More than a product, a full team at your disposal

Solidarity is a key value at Cycle Farms.

Human factor is an invaluable part for the success of a company. Our recruitment policy is based on the share of beliefs and in the pursuit of a shared ambition. The company listens at its staff and insure a strong understanding of their wishes and ambitions. Cycle Farms aims to develop competences and knowledge for all.

The company applies this philosophy not only with its staff but with all the parts of its business, clients, suppliers or partners. The team is convinced that safe and positive relationships are key for sustainability and success.

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