Continuous Improvement

Cycle Farms set a Black Soldier rearing and a process line at a pilot scale at its headquarter in Beaufort-En-Vallée (France). This production is managed by two technicians with mission in continuous improvement.

Adrien DEBRIX: R&D Technician

Adrien has a licence in research and development of natural environments, but the major Adrien’s quality is his passion for entomology  which leads him to have a perfect understanding of Cycle Farms research activity. He has joined Cycle Farms since 2016 and he has helped the company to develop a better production system with his precious observation and analysis. As a pair with Arnaud, splitting his time between production and experimental phases.

Arnaud Fournier: R&D technician

Graduated from a licence of nature protection, Arnaud is part of the team in charge of insect production in France, in a R&D scope. Arnaud is passionate about wildlife and was involved in management of natural environments during its first career experience. Arnaud is managing experimental protocols at our R&D site in France. He is in charge of innovation validation with the R&D team.

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