Cycle Farms is a young SME created in 2015 by two agricultural engineers. After their first experiences in Africa, in urban agriculture and business development, Floran LAVILLE and Marc-Antoine LURASCHI started to work together with the common wish to develop an innovative solution for Subsaharan markets.

Marc-Antoine LURASCHI – CEO

Marc-Antoine graduated from AgroParisTech in 2015 and keep a technical capacity, as an agricultural engineer, with business and management skills due to his specialization. He always wishes to develop an innovative agricultural system to answer to important issues of food worldwide. Passionate and committed, with experiences in consulting in France and South Africa, Marc-Antoine is responsible for the administrative, financial and sales of the company.


Floran has always been interested in the way we are producing food and consuming food since the beginning of his university studies at the end of which he got his diploma from AgroParisTech. He took part in several urban agriculture projects in France and Madagascar and developed strong skills in technical management of innovative production systems. Specialized in pure and applied research, he brought his competences to the team in order to develop innovative feed with sustainable and local impacts.

Founders has then met with their first investor, Louis Agon, who participate to the seed stage of the company for the development of our prototype.

The company reached a maturity step with the previous stage, the scale evolution was necessary and Cycle Farms partnered with Jean Bukala.


Agricultural engineer, Jean is today responsible for the management of Cycle Farms Ghana Ltd. Jean uses his skills in industrial development and management to successfully increase the production capacity of the Tema Factory. Jean started his career 10 years ago in Cameroon where he has been involved in cut flowers production with more than 200 people under his management. When he came back to France, he managed two factories and launched a third one, in agro-processing sector (growing media and soil cover for hobby market 300 000m3/year) for five years. Then he before moved to consulting for one of the biggest European companies. He joined Cycle Farms as a partner in order to help the team to reach an industrial level and to develop projects in new territories.

Since one year, the company has known a huge evolution by partnering with an agricultural company specialized in poultry genetics, Orvia. This French company has invested in Cycle Farms to accelerate the company development in France and in Ghana. Orvia brought its experience and Cycle Farms lead the creation of the Ghanaian company with a high production capacity to reach the targeted market.

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