The larvae are available from the youngest stage after a first incubation stage. This Hermetia Illucens 5 mg larvae are delivered ready to use in every kind of system. Cycle Farms adapts delivery’s containers to the specification of their clients.

The larvae are fed during the transport with a standardized rearing diet and perfectly managed regarding health perspectives. This allow a high survival rate during the transport stage as well as a continuous growth. Larvae are checked before the departure to always insure the best quality at the client’s reception.

Cycle farms can adapt as well the incubation substrate to insure high growth performance following the client’s environment.

Optimized growing performance

Once delivered, you can transfer the juveniles directly into your rearing substrate. Our packaging are adapted to your need in terme of size of larvae (standard at 5 mg, can be managed) and number of animals to perfectly fit your requirement. You can follow the complete biomass inside your production unit at every moment. With this, you can directly transfert he animal in their growing diets. Our objectives is to ensure you are in the best condition to be focused on the growing stage. and reach as soon as possible the maturity weight. The team is at your full disposal to give the necessary information about the perfect use of the products. Cycle Farms is one of the only actor to guarantee a survival rate (higher than 90%) at the delivery. The company is offering a full service to allow good choice in an important step. Our team will bring all the necessary advice.


Cycle Farms is giving the larvae to living animals' transport service to insure on-time delivery. This service allow daily deliveries at a given time. Cycle Farms guarantees 24 hours delivery delay from one palet in France, and within the day for deliveries from 10 pallets. In case of building a long-term partnership, the team will bring a unique transport solution by monitoring temperature and humidity.

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