Cycle Farms has developed a complete industrial model since three years. This innovation is able to process vegetal raw material into a complete animal feed.

This production is built around 4 key steps. The details of these processes form the industrial know-how of the company.

The first stage is dedicated to source and then process the raw material from agricultural and food processing activities into a complete diet to fit the nutritional requirements of the industrial production of insects.

The company has created a rearing technology for Black Soldier Fly production. The devices allow the intensive production in the two stages of the insect life cycle: the adult mating and the larvae growth.

Once the Black Soldier larvae are collected, they are processed in order to gather the maximal protein rate. The company is producing a rich insect meal after a long process. This ingredients is able to replace fish or soy meal into classical animal feed recipes.

Cycle Farms is using the insect meal as the basic ingredient to formulate a complete feed adapted to the species and ages of the targeted animal production.

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