Cycle Farms started to work three years ago on a species called Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia Illucens.

Originally from Central America, this Diptera spreads on the five continents with the growth of human and material transport sector. Today, more than 70% of the entomologist company are working on this species (Cycle Farms competition analysis).

The positive impacts of this new production are:
+ Easiness to find raw material to feed the larvae
+ High capacity for multiplication between generations
+ Resilience in the face of pathogens

If it seems to be a miracle solution, there are a lot of problematics in the rearing of this insect:
+ 3D space for mating activities and eggs’ laying
+ Semi-liquid substrate for insect feed
+ Domestication still at the starting point

Cycle Farms has developed an expertise on the BSF biology and start to introduce its different products for commercial purpose. Mainly, Cycle Farms is able to provide biotechnological and mechanical  solutions to enhance the industrial production of Black Soldier Fly.


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