Insect nutrition

Every animal gets his proper diet in its natural environment. Domestication is made by adapting the animal diet. Feed need to meet the nutritional requirements of the animal and to reduce the variations which could be encountered in their natural environment.

For the Black Soldier Fly reared at Cycle Farms, the company has considered three important aspects to build an efficient breeding ration:
– The legislative regulation to use mainly raw material from vegetal production
– The natural saprophagous diet of the Black Soldier Fly
– Zootechnical performances on different diets tested in our R&D centre

The company got positive outcomes on its rearing of Black Soldier Fly but is still improving day by day its performance. Different R&D programs are lead by the team on this topic. Insect is a new branch of agriculture and still needs a lot of progress to become totally efficient.

Larvae from Cycle Farms’ production (Photo Cycler Farms)

Poultry and fish nutrition

Cycle Farms opted to design its products to two animal production sectors : fish farming and poultry. These two areas have the biggest consumption for soy and fish meal, the substitution target of insect meal. Moreover, insect has is naturally present in the diet of poultry and fish.

Its amino acid and micronutrients profiles do not allow the insect meal to fully replace fish meal in the recipe of final feed. However, the substituted part of fish meal reduced the environmental impact of CycleFeed.

The company chose to produce complete feed for animal. The team has worked hard on the use of insect meal in feed and the difference it could bring. The team could fit the recipe with the nutritional need of the targeted species. Cycle Farms took the advantage to work on the development of nutritional supplements to align this to nutritional characteristics of its ingredient. The objectives is to make insect meal applicable for the highest number of people in feed production

Fish farm in Volta Lake (Photo Cycle Farms)

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