Quality Policy

Cycle Farms builds its strategy and development around three core values:

+ Performance

+ Sustainability

+ Solidarity


The company works on the ISO 9001 basis, with client satisfaction at the heart of our model and culture. We are constantly providing improvement in our production technology and products.

In the animal protein sector, food safety is the golden rule for each company. Cycle Farms wrote a guide to insure perfect hygiene practice to provide the highest quality level to its products, both in term of safety and nutrition. The company process is strictly aligned to the European norm of insect and feed production. Cycle Farms is also following HACCP standard. From the receipt of raw material to the process of the final product, the company applies a strict quality control.

Sustainable development

Meanwhile, Cycle Farms’ technology has been built since the beginning around the three pillars of sustainable development (economy, social and of course environment). We limit the energetic consumption by implementing our factories in adapted climate and our insect meal replaces ingredients which become scarce.

Continuous improvement

Finally, Cycle Farms is doing everything to create, develop, and tests different products and technologies which are validated by the foremost experts of the industry.

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