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A perfect range of product to optimize the first stage of growth for both tilapia and catfish production . High protein and high digestibility to be sure your survival rate is reaching the highest level. Our feed is perfect to prepare your fishes to the transfer into cage or pond rearing during adult stage.



Cycle Farms developed a complete range of product dedicated to tilapia in West African conditions. Our feed is fully adapted to open breeding systems in cage and pound production systems. With a strong selection of local ingredients for its recipes, trials on farm has validated the quality of feed and its growth performance.



This fish is mostly grown into pond systems in West Africa. Cycle Farms developed accordingly a high-digestive feed to reach a quick growth and maximize survival rates in high density conditions. The feed allows a perfect management of water quality in these high-density conditions.


Feeding Pratice

More than a simple feed supplier, Cycle Farms brought advice and trainings to farms to improve feed usage. We are supporting our clients with different technical documents, the must have is the feeding chart which is bringing easiness to operations on farms. We advise as well on products, quantity and quality on feed regarding the life cycle of fish and objectives of the farm.

Farming Guideline

The team has lead a lot of farms visit and train itself to several production systems and can give advice today on best farming practices. The sales team gathers specialists of aquaculture and answers to the client’s questions on technical topics. Moreover, we are using our international network to find out new solutions to this market. We have created a best practices book to share with our clients and prospects to get precise management on farm.


Biosafety in aquaculture is a key topic to continue to develop this promising sector. Ghana had faced a sanitary crisis in 2018 and 2019 that has brought a lot of difficulties for farmers and decreased the country’s production. Cycle Farms took the lead to gather and share the best practices to limit risk for its customers. Farms have now put in place the fundamental biosafety measures but the strengthening needs to continue to avoid new issues.

Local production

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