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Launched in April 2019, our production unit is based in the Heavy Industrial Area of Tema. The technologies had been developed for two years with intensive research and development works before the set up in Ghana. We are constantly supporting our customers to bring them the highest level of performance on farm. Our commercial team, helped by the French technical team, replies to all the questions you can have on fish farming practices. .

Cycle Farms has quickly expanded on the local market to grow its market shares in a growing sector. By offering the best money for value products on the market, and sharp advice to our client, the company became a key player in the Ghanaian aquaculture sector.

Cycle Farms created 50 jobs locally and offers training for its staff to increase the quality and industrial vision of the company. The technical development is helped by the strengthening of people competences and a local management to answer to the local context.


Our feed was developed with clients and the best research labs in French. Their quality is unmatched on the market with a key price for our customer who has met for two years record performances. The raw materials in our recipes are carefully selected. We have brought in our production process the highest constraints of quality.

Industrial sustainability

More than 70% of our ingredients has been sourced inside Ghana, and very closed from our factory. We are constantly exchanging with local suppliers to insure their development and the resilience of the local agriculture with our production system.


Human resources are at the heart of Cycle Farms strategy to increase the global performances of the company. With a large training program and the availability of key people in the company, our team has always grown their competences while insuring to our customer the best performance in products and services.

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A technical research center in France

All the products are developed in partnership both with local clients and technical team in France. With specialists in fish nutrition and research labs of the aquaculture sector, our recipes are optimized to insure maximized performances to the delivered farms.

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