Where do we come from?


Cycle Farms was created in 2015 by three engineers who aim to promote insect farming and sustainable agriculture all around the world. The founders of Cycle Farms has worked for several years in the agricultural sector in Africa. They knew the great impact that insect farming could have on animal production in this continent.

The company has developed for two years a technology able to be set-up everywhere. During this first development period, Cycle Farms has selected first country to grow on. Ghana became the first target for our industrial growth. We have developed our products with our future clients in order to reach the best quality for them.

French company


Cycle Farms SAS is the mother company of Cycle Farms Ghana LTD. It is located in France, 200 km away from Paris and get the same technology than the one set up on the Ghanaian site. 


Cycle Farms SAS employs an eight-people team for R&D and continuous improvement. One people is dedicated to the global business development of the company.

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