Our feed

A complete process to reach the best quality on the market

Cycle Farms Ghana has developed a complete process to produce a high quality fish feed locally. The objectives of the company is to enter in a market with a high demand in quality feed to increase the performance of farms, technically and financially.

With the Enam Papa’s brand, and three ranges for hatchery, tilapia and cafish, Cycle Farms has developed a strong network with more than 200 customers in five countries (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso and Benin).

Enam Papa Hatchery

The range Enam Papa Hatchery has been specifically designed for two years to meet the requirements of nutrition during the start of the production of the tilapia or the catfish. It is insuring performance and sanitary control of the production.

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Enam Papa Tilapia

Cycle Farms has developed for its first client a complete feed adapted for tilapia farming. The feed is adapted for both open and close system. The team has worked to select the best local raw material to reach the best nutritional composition and ensure a perfect growth to your fish.

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Enam Papa Catfish

This fish is mostly used in pond production in West Africa. Therefore, Cycle Farms has created a highly digestible feed to take care of both quick growth and health for the fish while ensuring a stable water quality.

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