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A development made with Ghanaian farmers for Ghanaian farmers

Cycle Farms has visited many farms in Ghana with the goal of fully understanding the needs of farmers in term of feed supplies.

Today, it is common knowledge that feed is a main issue in Ghana for the growth of aquaculture. Indeed, offers are mainly coming from outside the country with very expensive prices. Today, feed is accounting for 70% of the cost of a fish farm in Sub-Saharan Africa.

During the development of products , Cycle Farms has tested in laboratory and in large scale condition the feed produced in Ghana. Our goal was to compare the growth index and FCR with highest quality products. Results of these tests are available upon request.

Two ranges made for offering the best performances

CycleFeed: The CycleFeed brand is the main product of Cycle Farms. The three products (CycleStart, CycleBoost, CycleGrow) are covering all the life stages of fishes. One of the main difference of these is that they are containing insect proteins. CycleFeed is offering the highest quality/price ratio that you can meet in Ghana to develop your production in a sustainable way.

Cycle Farms is also producing classic feed, called EnamPapa (Good Fish in Twi). This range is also covering the complete life cycle of fish and present a high quality nutritional profile. Cycle Farms targets to use mainly local ingredients in this feed in order to keep our local value.

A Ghanaian production with Ghanaian raw material

The company is targeting 70% of local ingredients in its recipe. The 30% remaining needs to be sourced outside, because process technology is not set up in Ghana.

Also, Cycle Farms realizes its recipes with its own production of insect from the same site.  The raw material that are used to feed insect are all coming from Ghana, at less than 50 km from the site to insure a very local production.

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