Enam Papa Catfish

Enam Papa Catfish Grower 40%

40 % Protein | 10% Lipid

Products of small size designed for catfish pond production. Adapted for the youngest stage of catfish in pond, this product are made with maximized animal protein content to reach the best performance. From 10 g to 200 grams in less than 2 months this product will maximize the performance of your farm.

2 mm 3 mm 4.5 mm

Enam Papa Catfish Grower 38%

38% Protein | 10% Lipid

Dedicated to the latest stage of catfish production. The range is developed with a high content of protein to keep the maximization of the performance in the global production. The fishes grow from 300 g to 500 g in only one month and the water quality remains good with the best digestibility in the market.

6 mm 8 mm