Fish Life stage

Fries / larvae

During three weeks, young larvae needs to be managed with highest caution. This is at this stage that the fish is building its resistance. Feed is very important and should absolutely contain a high level of proteins in order to get a perfect growth. It is recommended to get a feed upper than 50% of proteins for the larvae, with a size under 0,5 mm.

Fries production in Ghana (Photo Cycle Farms)


Fingerlings are the next stage of fish lifecycle. It is an important stage because the fish will enter in a new step of production: the growing in a cage condition. This environment is offering fresh water, but also more energy consumption because the fish needs to struggle with others to catch pellets and faces flow of water. A high quality is necessary and needs to bring the transition with next step of grow. We recommend a 46% protein feed.

Ponds of fingerlings ready to be reared in cages (Photo Cycle Farms)


Adult stage is different because the fishes are consuming more feed and go into their final stage where they will be collected and then sold. Producers absolutely need to bring a good quality feed, to get a size table fish, with a very good flesh who will bring satisfaction to the final consumer. Cycle Farms has developed a special feed to this stage, who will bring the highest quality / price ratio to bring good results for the farmer.

Adult tilapias in the Volta Lake (Photo Cycle Farms)

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