Adult fish

Before being harvested, the tilapia will spend at least four months into an open breeding system (usually a cage on the lake). During this life stage, the farmer needs to insure an efficient growth to the fish to maximize his margin when the harvest comes.

Feed remains the main cost during the adult stage of the fish. Its nutritional profil has to be adjusted to bring the highest price and quality ratio to the user.

Once again, Cycle Farms has developed two products to answer to the market’s needs:
– A feed based on insect proteins, Cycle Grow, adapted to the needs of the Adult Tilapia. The technical sheet could be found below the following logo:

Discover the product technical sheet

– A classic feed under the Enam Papa brand:

The two products have been tested in laboratory condition as well as in large scale condition with partners. The test results could be shared upon request.

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