Cycle Farms has developed for the last three years a perforing feed for the first life stages of tropical fishes. During this period, it is essential to answer to the nutritional requirements of the fish with an optimized feed to strengthen the fish health.

At this stage, the fishes are farmed in ponds. The size of the feed must start around 0,15 mm and finish at 0,8 mm after three weeks. This will allow a perfect availability for every fish. Protein content needs to be high and linked with a high lipid level. A perfect nutritional profil will bring a maximal survival rate to the production

Cycle Farms brought to the West African market two products for the youngest stages of tilapia life:
– A pellet based on insect protein under the CycleStart brand. The technical details are available on the link under the following logo:

– A classic feed under the brand EnamPapa Fry:

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