Enam Papa Fry Eco


Benefits of the feed

  • Minimize the mortality on the first stage of the life cycle
  • An optimized digestibility to keep a high-quality water
  • A reduced budget for continuous production farm

A range developed to guarantee an optimized performance for the first step of growth while maintaining a tight budget. The high digestibility of the feed will insure a maximized survival rate without impacting the growth performance. This feed is recommended for protection of the fish against kidney or liver.

Size available 0.3 mm - 0.5 mm 0.5 mm - 0.8 mm
Net weight 10 or 20 kg / bag 10 or 20 kg / bag
Best before 12 months 12 months

This product is an alternative for protein-fortified feed. In a context where farmers are always looking for the highest growth, this product has been created in the objectives of maximizing survival of the animals. This help to keep a high stock of fingerlings and strengthen the health of the young animal.  Resistant animals will better survive in a high density farm. This product is dedicated to the farms able to increase time in fingerlings stage.


Contains non-ruminant processed animal protein — shall not be used in feed for farmed animals except aquaculture and for animals.

Nutrition fact

Gross energy

14,4 MJ/KG


42 %


8 %


10 %

Total P

1.06 %


8000 UI 2000 UI 170 UI 300 UI